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COMIC BOOK REVIEW - Birds Of Prey: A Clash of Daggers

Finally, a few days off and I thought to myself it was time to return to a series that I had started previously to continue the story. The series in question was none other than the Birds of Prey; a superhero team consisting of some of the most badass female DC characters that exist. In the last novel, ‘Your Kiss Might Kill’, the team consisting of Black Canary, Batgirl, Starling and Katana were attempting to recruit Poison Ivy, only for her to betray them. Fooled once, they weren’t about to be fooled twice!

‘A Clash of Daggers’ is the third novel in the volume and it starts with a tie-in to the Night of the Owls. Catwoman has been tasked with breaking out a young woman from prison. Unaware that the girl is a Talon, she finds herself under attack from her client’s group of Talons. Batgirl swoops in, however, the two of them are outmatched at every stage. But when the freed Talon turns on her old teammates and helps the two women out, she helps dispatch the threat. The story then completely cuts to Japan where a group known as ‘The Dagger Clan’ are attempting to kidnap Katana and her sword in order to punish her for some crime that they believe she has committed. Naturally, the Birds of Prey step in and travel to Japan to help their teammate. Enter Condor, a hero in an armoured suit who is looking to take down the Daggers all by himself. Initially, when their paths cross, he sees the team as enemies and a showdown ensues. But eventually, they’re able to hash things out and work together to save Katana. At the end of that story, Katana decides that she’s going to stay in Japan. That leaves a slot or two to open up and Batgirl brings in Strix, the Talon that helped her and Catwoman. Despite early teething problems and Canary’s out of control powers, the four women, plus Condor are able to stop a drug deal from going down! Will this new roster prove to be the best one yet?

I felt that ‘A Clash of Daggers’ was probably the right length for a novel with multiple stories. I didn’t think that either story dragged on too long or was particularly short. There was an interconnecting thread that made sense and I also liked the fact that we're introduced to new characters such as Strix and Condor. There were some really good moments of interaction between the team, however, I’d say that this novel felt like a sort of in-between, as if it was shifting from one roster to another. In theory that’s perfect for a team novel, but it does sometimes leave the novel lacking.

In terms of the artwork, I have to say that the first issue was not really to my liking. That being said, the issues set in Japan were of a good style, but the standout aspect of the artwork for me were some of the covers, including the cover I chose above. It’s retro and yet still quite futuristic! Overall, not a bad stepping stone novel in the middle but I have high hopes for this new roster!

Favourite Panel:

Ahahaha! I think everyone wishes they were Starling. Why is she so funny?

Favourite Character:

There were a couple of new characters introduced, but I liked Strix, the Talon. Very interesting character and I’d like to see where her story goes from here!


  • Story Arc: 13/20

  • Character Development: 13/20

  • Artwork: 12/20

  • Enjoyability: 12/20

  • Re-readability: 10/20

  • Overall: 60/100

Level: Intermediate

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