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COMIC BOOK REVIEW - Detective Comics: Faces of Death

Second, only to Action Comics, Detective Comics started in 1939 and introduced the world to Batman. Eighty years have since passed, but the comics are still going strong. The New 52 decided to restart the numbering which was controversial and a decision that would ultimately be reversed.

“Faces of Death” is essentially a two-part story. The first part involves Batman going after the Joker. However, he notices that something is a little off this time, even for the Joker. He soon discovers that Dollmaker, a gruesome villain who specializes in cutting up people and using their skin to remake faces has essentially created a number of Joker ‘clones’ to throw Batman off. The second part of the story involves the Penguin. Batman discovers that has been stashing money for a number of B-rate villains, however, he seems to be the target of a duo keen to cash in on Penguin’s wealth.

The first half of the novel was a little confusing and the second half seemed a little pointless. That being said, I think in terms of showcasing Batman, it didn’t do a half-bad job. I think perhaps it could have expanded a little on character development because without it, I was left a little disappointed.

The artwork, done by Tony Daniel, was actually the highlight of the book for me. He has a crisp style when it comes to drawing the characters which means that the surroundings don’t need to be focused on as much. Overall, for a series that I know has so much potential, I felt it could’ve been better!

Favourite Panel:

Are you sure Jill? Are you sure he isn’t the law?

Favourite Character:

Batman. Obviously. No explanation needed.


  • Story Arc: ★★★

  • Character Development: ★★½

  • Artwork: ★★★½

  • Enjoyability: ★★★

  • Re-readability: ★★½

Level: Intermediate

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