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COMIC BOOK REVIEW - Green Lantern Corps: Willpower

So I go through these phases where I want to read comic books to do with realistic characters who protect city streets and then at other times, I want to read stories of the explorers the stars and space. Clearly, this week has been the latter because I thought it was time that I returned to the Green Lanterns and in particular, the “Green Lantern Corps” novel which has been focusing largely on John Stewart and Guy Gardner!

‘Willpower’ is an extensive novel that focuses largely on Guy Gardner and his story of being a Green Lantern. It starts with Guy, back on Earth, where he’s been stripped of his ring and now has to contemplate a normal life. With his family’s history with law enforcement, he decides that even if he’s not a Green Lantern anymore, he’ll still try to be a crime fighter. Unfortunately, one of his vigilante acts goes wrong and he’s arrested. However, when the Third Army target him, he’s rescued at the last moment by new recruit Simon Baz. Simon informs Guy of the plan that the Guardians have and Guy immediately sets off for Oa, whilst Simon attempts to retrieve Hal Jordan from the afterlife. Meanwhile, John and Fatality, one of the Star Sapphires, aim to collate the pieces of Mogo together so that it may aid in their mission. They do so just in time before the Third Army turn up aiming to kill the two Lanterns. As John rallies the Green Lantern forces, Guy breaks into Oa’s ring-keeping facility to retrieve his ring. He’s discovered and must team with John and the surviving Green Lanterns to fight off the Third Army. Just when things look like they’re going awry, Kyle Rayner turns up with the entire Blue Lantern and Star Sapphire Corps to help in the fight. The Guardians use the last of their power, but in doing so unleash Volthoom, the First Lantern. Hal finally turns up and with the aid of the Red Lanterns and Sinestro Corps, they are able to put up a fight. Can Guy and John lead all these forces together to take down a being capable of unravelling their very history? And where will the fight lead each of the Green Lanterns to?

I may be a little biased, but I think of all the human Green Lanterns there have been, Guy is probably my least favourite. He’s easily the most spontaneous but I just feel like I relate to the others a little bit more. That being said, I think the novel did a good job of making him a little more personable. I just found the entire novel a little boring. The big fights toward the end were great, but the buildup didn’t really catch my attention. However, there was one issue in the middle where we get to see the futures of many of these characters, and I did like that one. I think perhaps since it was a crossover novel, there was a vastness to the plot, which going forward I think needs to be limited. I want to see what these guys are doing on a day-to-day basis when there isn’t a universe-ending event happening!

One of the aspects of the novel that I don’t think helped was the artwork. It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t good enough to detract from the shortcomings. The covers were a little bit better than the general art, but the one above perfectly summed up the novel! Overall, I didn’t enjoy this 'Willpower' as much as I wanted to, and I hope further novels improve the series!

Favourite Panel:

For whoever thought Mogo was just a silent powerhouse, turns out he’s also a strategist!

Favourite Character:

I think the novel was Guy focused, but I think I’m gonna say Mogo. What a planet! Haha!


  • Story Arc: 10/20

  • Character Development: 11/20

  • Artwork: 10/20

  • Enjoyability: 8/20

  • Re-readability: 6/20

  • Overall: 45/100

Level: Advanced

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