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COMIC BOOK REVIEW - Iron Fist: Sabretooth Round Two

With Netflix’s hold over Iron Fist coming to an end, it’s only a matter of time before we see the iconic character back on our screens. But back to the comics, in the first novel, we see Danny Rand fight off an island of kung-fu champions to reclaim his power and belief as the Iron Fist.

‘Sabertooth Round Two’ stars with Danny Rand being attacked by a villain named the Seer. The Seer can take control of people and is looking to cash in on the bounty placed on Danny’s head. With a little help from Shang Chi, Danny quickly dispatches this villain, only to find that the real villain is Choshin, the leader of the kung-fu island from which he’s returned. Choshin looks to return to the mystical land of Kun-Lun and take over. Will Danny and the now good guy, Sabertooth be able to stop this invasion?

Just like the first novel in this series, I really like Iron Fist as a character. He’s extremely fun to read and not a bad fighter either. I thought the inclusion of both Shang Chi and Sabertooth did not seem forced and the story flowed well. There wasn’t much in terms of character development, but I can let that pass.

The artwork was pretty good, and some of the larger panels with the full fights were impressive. The covers on the other hand were a little disappointing, but overall, this was a decent novel in an already good series!

Favourite Panel:

This cracked me up and reminded me of that scene in Lord of the Rings!

Favourite Character:

Iron Fist, without a doubt. Although I have to say Sabertooth came a close second!


  • Story Arc: 14/20

  • Character Development: 12/20

  • Artwork: 13/20

  • Enjoyability: 14/20

  • Re-readability: 12/20

  • Overall: 65/100

Level: Intermediate

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