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COMIC BOOK REVIEW - Justice League 3000: The Camelot War

I’m sure that I’ve said this so many times before, but I really miss the New 52. I just felt that there was a greater scope at the time to tell really different stories, rather than just the mainstream ones. One such series was Justice League 3000, which told the story of Cadmus ‘resurrecting’ the World’s Greatest Heroes in the 31st Century.

The second novel in the series, ‘The Camelot War’, is a two-part novel. The first involves the Justice League 3000 attempting to escape from the villainous group, “The Five”. However, to do that, it seems that they’ll need another member to help them out, and it just so happens that they’re lacking a Flash. Following on from that we see them on a planet called New Camelot, where King Arthur is fighting the hordes of demons sent by Etrigan. Although Arthur isn’t the happiest about the situation, the Justice League’s aid makes him more placable and he allows them to set up a headquarters there.

Compared to the first novel in the series, I actually think this one is a step-down. Due to the multiple stories, and a few one-shots, the overarching plot seems confusing and we see little of the action that we did in the first one. I also felt that although there was a little bit of character development on the part of the new Flash, everyone else’s story was static.

The artwork, once again, I felt was of a style that usually I wouldn’t have enjoyed very much, but in this novel, it wasn’t a bad thing. The covers in this novel were, however, a little lacking. Overall, I was a little disappointed with how this series progressed.

Favourite Panel:

It really doesn’t matter when it is. Wonder Woman always kicks butt.

Favourite Character:

Ironically, it was the new Flash. Teri’s progression from villain to hero was impressive!


  • Story Arc: 10/20

  • Character Development: 11/20

  • Artwork: 12/20

  • Enjoyability: 9/20

  • Re-readability: 8/20

  • Overall: 50/100

Level: Advanced

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