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COMIC BOOK REVIEW - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Vol 7

Although I have been enjoying getting back into my regular DC and Marvel series, I can’t lie when I say that I’ve been missing Boom Studios. Especially with all the Power Rangers nostalgia getting to me recently, I thought it was time to return to Angel Grove and find out what exactly the teenagers with attitude were up to since Lord Drakkon escaped their clutches!

‘Volume 7’ of this fantastic series starts with the Time Force Power Rangers attempting to fix some sort of problem in the time stream when they’re consumed by it. Only the Pink Time Force Ranger, Jen, survives. Meanwhile back in Angel Grove, it appears that despite Prometheus’ best efforts, Drakkon has escaped along with Saba, the mystical dagger that had previously helped the Rangers. Naturally, the Rangers are extremely disheartened but none of them can imagine what Drakkon has planned next. In an act of vengeance, he attacks Tommy one evening seemingly killing him. Kimberly who is nearby witnesses it and despite her best attempts to save Tommy and stop Drakkon, she fails. Jen Scott arrives and after the Rangers are done mourning, helps them figure out what Drakkon is up to. It seems that although previously the timeline of all the Ranger teams was linear, Drakkon’s actions have separated them up and he’s looking to take down all the respective Ranger teams and use their morphers to add to his army. First up are the Samurai Power Rangers. By the time the Rangers have arrived in that dimension, Drakkon has come and gone, leaving only Lauren, the Red Samurai Ranger. Finding themselves outmatched at every crossroad, the Rangers berate themselves for these multiple defeats. They however discover that in one dimension, where the RPM Power Rangers reside, the Rangers’ mentor there, Dr K has found a way to stop Drakkon from taking the powers of that particular Morphing Grid. It’s a big battle in the desert with multiple other Rangers turning up. Can their combined force stop Drakkon? Or is it already too late?

I say this almost every single time that I read one of these novels, but Boom Studios know what they’re doing. Honestly, just when I thought this series could not get better, it starts to incorporate other teams but not in a massive crossover way. That is definitely coming. I think one thing that definitely makes the ‘Shattered Grid’ storyline interesting is that it’s Drakkon back in the front seat. We’ve seen him beat before but this plan takes his power to the next level. If there’s anything that’s going to let this story down, it’s going to be that all the teams don’t get involved. I will be sad if that happens.

The artwork was once again good, and the covers more so. It’s not on Dan Mora’s level, but it’s decent enough that the quality of the series continues! Overall, this story has the potential to be one of greatest comic book arcs ever. It all depends on the execution, but so far, Boom Studios has managed to get very little wrong!

Favourite Panel:

Oof. What a moment. I honestly wonder how this is going to change the entire story!

Favourite Character:

It’s difficult in a group novel as per usual, but for the vast majority, it is once again Jason! Guy steps up big time!


  • Story Arc: 15/20

  • Character Development: 15/20

  • Artwork: 14.5/20

  • Enjoyability: 15/20

  • Re-readability: 12.5/20

  • Overall: 72/100

Level: Intermediate

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