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COMIC BOOK REVIEW - Spider-Man 2099: Out of Time

Characters from different eras in time are always a fun read. Especially when they get to interact with the present. Spider-man 2099 was one such character, that to me seemed a lot cooler than the classic character, so I was pretty excited to start reading this novel.

‘Out of Time’ brings our titular hero into the present. Spider-man 2099, aka Miguel O’Hara, comes to the year 2014 in order to save the life of his grandfather, Tiberius Stone. Now, although Miguel knows that his grandfather isn’t a great guy, he holds out hope that things may change. However, it soon seems that just because he’s from the future doesn’t mean he has an advantage, and when his grandfather’s life is put in trouble, Spider-man 2099 needs to step up!

In all honesty, although I liked the character, the story wasn’t particularly gripping and I found myself quite bored from issue to issue. I also found that perhaps it was because Miguel just got to 2014, but it didn’t seem like he had any connection to the life that he was living here, and there was little character development.

The artwork also wasn’t particularly great, so that didn’t entice me as a reader either. Some of the covers were okay, designed in this futuristic way, but overall, this novel was a little disappointing.

Favourite Panel:

It was hard to find one, but I liked that this villain totally joined in on the joke.

Favourite Character:

Tbh, Lyla, the holographic assistant was probably the only decent character!


  • Story Arc: ★★½

  • Character Development: ★★

  • Artwork: ★★

  • Enjoyability: ★½

  • Re-readability: ★

Level: Advanced

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