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COMIC BOOK REVIEW - Teen Titans: It's Our Right To Fight

The Teen Titans are arguably DC’s second most well-known team and needless to say they’ve earned that spot. Whilst the roster has been a revolving door the New 52 looked to put Red Robin, aka the 3rd Robin, aka Tim Drake, in the driving seat with a number of new characters as his teammates.

‘It’s Our Right To Fight’ starts with Tim Drake, investigating a mysterious organization known as N.O.W.H.E.R.E., who is hell-bent on capturing teenage metahumans for their nefarious plan. As he slowly picks up metahumans, such as Cassie Sandmark, aka Wonder Girl and Miguel Barragan, aka Bunker. But N.O.W.H.E.R.E.’s ace in the hole is genetically modified Human/Kryptonian hybrid, Superboy. As Red Robin begins to build his team, he realizes that a lot of work is going to need to be put into this venture!

I thought this was a pretty basic beginning novel for a team series. The way that Red Robin slowly gains members as the issues go on is done in an almost standard way that sometimes seems a little boring. However, the team members themselves are not boring at all.

The artwork was done by Brett Booth who I am a fan of, and I liked it. I don’t think it’s as good as his work on Nightwing, but it’s still pretty good! The covers were also really vibrant and expressive. Overall, I liked the novel, but I would like to see a little more excitement!

Favourite Panel:

Why is Cassie like this? Ahaha!

Favourite Character:

It’s got to be Wonder Girl. She spends the entire novel just questioning Red Robin in the most hilarious way!


  • Story Arc: ★★★

  • Character Development: ★★½

  • Artwork: ★★★★

  • Enjoyability: ★★★½

  • Re-readability: ★★½

Level: Beginner

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