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COMIC BOOK REVIEW - Nova: Resurrection

Okay, so I got this app called ‘Comic Geeks’ and it lets you put your ratings for comics on there as well as having a massive database of DC and Marvel comics. I’ve often complained that I don’t know how Marvel Comics work, but this app has made it so easy to figure out which novel is in which volume. That may mean in the coming weeks and months, you guys get some reviews for characters I’ve never read before. For now, I turn to volume 7 of Nova!

‘Resurrection’ continues the story where the last novel in Volume 6 left off. So young Sam Alexander still doesn’t know where his father is, but he’s settled into the life of a hero well. Meanwhile, the original Nova, Richard Ryder has somehow returned from the dead. Whilst Richard tries to figure out how he’s returned, whilst also dealing with some unexpected side effects, Sam is going through his own challenges when a new girl he likes, starts at his school. However, superheroing duties are far more important and when Sam’s helmet notifies him of another Nova Corps Member within the vicinity he immediately thinks that it may be his father. He rushes over only to find Richard. Immediately Sam is reluctant to trust him, but following an in-depth interrogation from all of his friends, Sam relents. The two string up a friendship and they jet off into space to hit up a bar on Knowhere. They seem to be having a great time before they’re attacked by a group of bounty hunters who Richard is able to take down after unleashing some unbeknown powers. Richard realizes that whichever dimension he escaped death from, is not done with him yet. This brewing force within him threatens to rip his and Sam’s world apart. Can the two Nova Corps heroes survive the betrayal? And just what are their chances of success against this new threat?

I liked the fact that there was a clear sense of continuity between this novel and the final novel of the previous volume because it meant that I didn’t feel lost. Also having Sam and Richard both in the same story meant that it bridged the gap for all Nova fans because no matter who you know, this novel has a place for both of them and you do get to revel in that. That being said, the novel feels a little childish at points, and no matter the stakes, I just couldn’t shake that feeling as I was reading it. I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing, just an observation.

The artwork style also contributed to that feeling that the novel was made for a younger audience. Certain panels looked like a children’s book and I didn’t completely enjoy that. The covers on the other hand were decent. Overall, not a bad novel, and given that it is the only one in this volume, it does a decent job of entertaining readers!

Favourite Panel:

Some days I feel like Sam. Some days I feel like Richard.

Favourite Character:

Honestly, both lead characters were amazing, but there was something about the sarcasm and wit of Richard Ryder that cracked me up!


  • Story Arc: 12/20

  • Character Development: 15/20

  • Artwork: 12/20

  • Enjoyability: 14/20

  • Re-readability: 12/20

  • Overall: 65/100

Level: Beginner

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