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TV SHOW REVIEW - Krypton: Season 2

So Krypton Season One introduced us to Seg-El, the grandfather of Superman, who attempts to stop the destruction of his home by Brainiac, whilst at the same time regaining the honour of his House. This is further complicated by the fact that his son, who has come from the future to prevent the destruction also, happens to be the infamous General Zod.

Season Two starts a few months after the finale of Season One. Adam Strange attempts to save Seg from his prison in the Phantom Zone. Unknown to him, Seg has Brainiac in his mind and is being hunted by none other than the intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo. At the same time, on Krypton, General Zod is creating a fleet of spaceships in order to conquer the universe and is being constantly fought by a rebellion led by Seg’s grandfather, Val-El. Added to this was the fact that Lyta Zod had taken her place, as her son’s right hand, carrying out his violent bidding.

Since the first season had spent so much time developing the characters of Seg, Adam, Lyta and Nyssa, I felt like the second season did well to give us an insight into other characters such as Dev, Kem and the newly returned Val. I did, however, feel that this season was a little bit more predictable compared to the last one.

As I mentioned before, much of the acting was pretty good. Colin Salmon as General Zod, however, was phenomenal. His ability to make us both fear and respect Zod was exactly what comic book writers have been doing for years. A new addition to the cast was Emmett J Scanlan, who played Lobo. I thought the few episodes he was in, were easily the best of the season, he was the standout character.

As I said before, the budget for this show was much much larger than many of the other superhero shows, and this season only grew in terms of the magnitude of what they were trying to achieve. It did bring the show back to the comic book realm though, and away from the sci-fi theme, it had in the previous season.

Overall, this was a pretty decent follow-up to a good show. I didn’t think it was as good as the first season, but I also didn’t think it was terrible either, so I hope that the recent news of its cancellation is all but temporary.


  • Story:★★★½

  • Acting: ★★★

  • Filmography: ★★★★

  • Integral vs Filler Episodes: ★★★

  • Enjoyability: ★★★½

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