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TV SHOW REVIEW - See: Season 1

These days everyone and their grandmother seem to be jumping on the streaming service hype. What once was a playground with two or three kids, we’re now spoilt for choice. One of the most recent players to join the hurrah has been Apple. They announced Apple TV+, their service that would consist of a number of original shows.

One of these shows was ‘See’. In all honesty, I only started watching this show because Jason Momoa was in it, and I think he’s brilliantly badass. The premise of the show is that humanity has along the way of time lost the ability to see and now everyone in the World is blind. However, a mysterious character named Jerlamarel, a man with vision intact impregnates a woman who gives birth to two sighted children. Cut forward 17 years, and he wants them to join him in his ‘enlightened Kingdom’. The show deals with their journey, whilst being pursued by the Queen and her army of Witch-finders, who are seeking the sighted, because they deem vision to be a mystical power.

Though the plot seems very convoluted, the show itself actually isn’t. Each episode follows on from the last with a simple continuity. This means that in certain parts, it definitely did lag with its pace. That being said, when it wasn’t lagging, it was all guns roaring in action and tension that was palpable. I particularly liked the fact that it seemed medieval but was set in the distant future. I love me some post-apocalyptic TV shows.

Minus Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard who plays Paris, an almost mystic shaman who just knows things, the rest of the cast were fairly unknown to me and from what I could tell, fairly unknown in terms of the work they had already done. But I thought the cast was fantastic, and as I said before, although not always the most exciting, the acting couldn’t be faulted. Jason Momoa’s character though is the guy to watch.

Being in a world where no one can see, it becomes evident how important sound is, and as viewers I think we appreciate the sound a lot more, given how invested we become in the characters. The budget for this show, like a typical Apple budget, was not small in the slightest. It seemed that basically the entire show was filmed on location rather than using sets.

Overall, this show essentially hits both sides of the excitement spectrum, it’s rarely in between, which means that for me, I think that if you have a little patience with it, it will pay off. If however, you’re not into post-apocalyptic worlds where Jason Momoa is wielding a terrifyingly large blade, then maybe give this one a miss!


  • Story:★★★½

  • Acting: ★★★★

  • Filmography: ★★★★

  • Integral vs Filler Episodes: ★★★½

  • Enjoyability: ★★★½

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